Bellevue Crossroads Vet Services

Wellness Exams & Care

Part of preventative care is keeping your pets up to date by bringing them in for their annual exams and renewing their vaccinations. Vaccinations help keep your animals healthy, happy and disease free.

We provide care based on the individual needs of your pet. Therefore we administer treatment and vaccines based solely on the needs of your pet.

FeLV and FIV testing is strongly recommended for kittens prior to vaccination because vaccinations are not effective if the kitten has already been exposed to either of these diseases.

All puppies and kittens should be tested, as early as possible, for intestinal parasites. When it comes to worming fecal exams are necessary, and we feel that all puppies and kittens should be de-wormed at least twice.  We offer year round custom parasite packages as preventative. We also carry Bravecto and Parastar for canine flea and tick prevention.  This is a triple custom dewormer for canines.  We also carry Revolution and Profender for feline parasite control.

If you choose to get a pet from the Humane Society, take in a stray, or in some other way inherit an older pet, it should be brought in for a full physical exam as soon as possible.

Pets traveling outside Washington state should be tested for heartworm, before starting preventatives.