Bellevue Crossroads Vet Services

Disease and Pain Management


We believe preventative care is the best care. Medical conditions and disease caught early tends to result in better outcomes and more affordable treatments. That’s why we strongly advise to bring your pet in for annual exams and/or as soon as you notice that “something is just not right”. You know your pet best, so listen to your instincts!

Early diagnostic detection is key to catching and managing chronic disease/illness.

Diseases that if caught early can be managed either medically or surgically:

  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Neoplasia cancers (including skin cancer, lymphoma and carcinomas depending on when/where it is found) - Some Chemotherapy options are offered in clinic
  • Diabetes

Pain management

Pain management is a crucial topic whether we are talking about the post-operative patient or an arthritic older pet.

We offer Stem cell and laser therapy as another option for pain control for your pet.

All of our surgical patients receive pain control management while in the hospital and are sent home with appropriate medications.

For our older patients developing arthritis- we have options and encourage you to find what works for your pet. Ask us about our preferred Glucosamine supplement and Chondroitin injections!